Welcome to Life with Lyn!  I am so grateful you stopped by to read and learn a little bit about me!  I currently am a working mama of two kiddos.  I've always loved being able read about other moms going through those real life struggles that I too go through on a daily basis.  I've always loved writing and sharing my experiences.  So why not start a blog?!  I am a lover of reading, running and red wine :) All about balance over here!  I hope you enjoy reading with me!  If you are, let me know!  Join me on Instagram and Facebook! 



Kaelyn Rae Schroeder

Mama & Wife 

I'm a mama of two beautiful little kiddos, and wife to a pretty great guy.  I love reading and listening to anything true crime and murder mysteries.( crazy I know, but I can't help it).  I've been interested in fitness since I was in high school, but have just recently wanted to share my story!  So happy you've found my blog, hope you enjoy reading along!

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