Making Moves, Taking Chances

Hey everyone! Some of you may know me (hi mom, and all of my aunts :)) and some of you may not. For those who may not, my name is Kaelyn, I am a wife, a mama of two and I have a passion for living your best life. About a year ago, my husband I decided to change our lifestyle to a healthier one. Not just changing the way we thought about food and drinks but also changing the way we set our mindset for the day. We started listening to inspiring podcasts (John Maxwell, look him up!), reading books, and talking with each other about how we can grow as individuals and as a couple, both at home and in our careers. I am hoping that with this blog I can start sharing some of those things, may it be workouts, new (easy) recipes, or inspiring books and quotes that have helped us along the way. But for today, I am just here to say hi, and to give some other big news!

I am a born and raised Nebraskan. I've always dreamed of moving somewhere else, even was determined to tackle New York City after college graduation. But, sometimes life has other things in store for you than what you plan for, and I've loved every minute of it. My husband is as well and he's also the type of person I never thought would want to move away from here. He is what I explain to everyone as your typical farm boy. He loves hunting, fishing, and being anywhere close to the water. But, in May he got an offer to interview at a new company and just recently we've decided to take the leap! After so many prayers, talking, rethinking we've decided to make the move to Northern Chicago! We are so excited for this new opportunity. So many feelings go into a move like this, especially when all we've ever known is Nebraska. There has been a lot to do, just even in this past week. We just got back from a week long house hunting trip out there. We bought a house and sold our house here in Nebraska in the same day! Talk about high stress. We've been so blessed along the way so far with great family, and friends. They've all been so great and supportive and we can't wait to show everyone our new home in Illinois.

I hope you all will follow us along as we take this path towards a new and exciting adventure! We can't wait to see what Chicago has in store for us but if I've learned anything in this last year I know that if we put our hearts into it, it will be nothing short of incredible.

Chat soon!



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