One of those people...

It's Saturday and I am wide awake at 6:00 AM. Too many things going through my head this morning. Luckily, mornings are my favorite time of the day. I love being up before anyone else in my house. I love being the first one to start the coffee. And I love being able to have my own free time to read, write or just sit and listen to the birds by myself before the chaos of the day starts. Anyone else with me? It's funny how you change as a person as you get older. I used to hate getting up in the mornings. In college you could find me in bed until 12:00 or 1:00 on a weekend. I'd even go as far as trying to schedule my classes after 10:00 everyday (never worked out, but I tried!). Now I crave that early morning time.

I woke up today, as I have been for the past few weeks, thinking about our move. It may seem crazy but all I've really felt, so far, is a sense of excitement. Yes, I am so sad and incredibly bummed to leave our amazing family and all of our great friends here. But, a part of me has always wanted to do something like this, take a risk, make a big change. I'm sure you'll get to know me pretty well, but for those who do already, you know we've had our fair share of big changes and risks to tackle. But, I really think that is what helps us grow. By us, I mean everyone, not just myself and my husband. Those struggles, changes, and tough points in your life have made you grow into a new person each time. What good comes from being all Woe is me? What good will come of being negative and upset the whole time? In my opinion, trying to find the positive in any situation helps tremendously. How many blessings will come out of this new venture? I can think of so many, and they outweigh the bad.

As I said before, up until this point in our move all I've been able to feel is excitement. Now that there is an actual timeline though, that doubt is starting to creep in. What are we doing? People are going to think we're crazy! Are we crazy? Are the kids going to be okay? Will we make new friends? Will we ever see our families?.... these are the questions that were racing through my mind this morning. I am working so hard to keep these worries and doubts at bay. I know and trust that there is a greater plan for us. I am positive this move is the right decision. But, as anyone else, I'm only human and these doubts creep in and make me nervous. So, instead of sitting there dwelling on whether or not we made a terrible decision. I got up, got my coffee going, and started writing. And I feel so much better. Facing those fears head on has been my go to this past year, and I'm not about to stop. It's almost 8:00 AM here and no one else is up in my household! Praise the Lord! What a beautiful morning, I mean come on! The Lord watches out for you at all times and will provide you all you need. I truly believe that. And it's something I will lean on throughout this whole move.

On that note, I'm out of coffee, so time for another cup! Chat soon.



Iced Coffee or hot? What is your favorite go to?

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