Saying Goodbye

Yesterday we said goodbye to our sweet, loving Annie. We adopted Annie into our little family shortly after we had James 8 years ago. She was a cute, quirky little basset who would roll over and wait for anyone to rub her belly (not a great guard dog). As we've been preparing for this move, we never thought we'd be saying goodbye to one of our family members as well. Trying to prepare kiddos for this move has been one of the hurdles that we have been trying to jump over as gracefully as possible. I have to say, I've never had to break harder news to them then what I had to tell them yesterday.

Looking back on the years we've had her, she always brought light and some sort of excitement into our lives. We are so grateful that she was apart of family for all those years. Animals are such a great gift from God. The companionship, and love they can bring to us is irreplaceable. For now we will be a family of four, and in Emma's words this morning "someday I'll feel better mom but I don't want to forget Annie". We won't forget you Annie, you'll always be our first-fifth family member. ❤



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