The Final Countdown!

Are you tired of me talking about our move yet? Sorry, you might want to skip this one if you're not up for another rambling post about our house haha....(I promise, once we move I will get into more workouts, food and healthy living! But until then...) As I'm typing this there are five guys currently packing up our belongings for us. How weird is that? It is honestly like an out of body experience. As I sit here cuddled on my couch these guys are handling literally everything for us. It's killing me to not take over completely. If you didn't know, I am very specific about certain things. One of those "things" is my home. I prefer to pack our belongings myself, even if we're going on a weekend trip, I pack all of the bags and won't let my husband touch them. So, when we found out that the relocation company pays for packers, and loaders to do it all for us, I really had to let go of that control and just be grateful for all of the help. So far, so good. They really are doing a way better job than I do myself. Everything is being taken care of so well, you can tell they're obviously professionals at this :)

As I said before, this whole experience has been so out of body. I don't just mean the packing up of our house. Honestly, overall it just hasn't really hit me yet. I'm beginning to feel like we've overstayed our welcome and it's time to go. The time has slowed down since Ben left two weeks ago and yet it's flown by. I know, that's dumb to say, because they both contradict themselves, but when your family is split in half the days slow down. And when you're saying your goodbyes the time speeds by, because you just don't want it to be the last time. One of the biggest blessings of this whole experience so far though, has been how every moment has become special to me. I've been able to live completely in each moment. If you asked me details of these past few weeks, I would be able to tell you anything and everything. Where normally, I couldn't even tell you what I had for breakfast yesterday (a blueberry bagel...see!!) Haha, but honestly, every little thing has been a special moment and that is such a blessing. Coffee in the morning with a friend, snuggles with my niece on the couch, burnt Runza's in the oven with family over, every little detail sticks in my mind. For that I am so grateful. Without this move, I don't think I would have learned that I need to slow down, take in every day, every moment and be grateful.

I'm sure that once we get to Chicago, I will begin to feel the downhill but, until then, I'm riding this high. Like I've said before, change is good. Without change how would we grow, and become a better us? If you follow my Instagram (and you should be! @kaelynraes), you may have seen that I started reading 100 days to brave a few days ago. So far, I 100 percent recommend picking up this book. It has made me feel so much stronger, and given me such a great outlook on life, especially in these uncertain moments. I'm learning to be brave, it's a work in progress but I hope through all of this I can help you too.



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